Join us for a webinar featuring Phil Rodgers, MD, and Chris Jones, MD, MBA, who will offer an update on changes to billing and coding for 2024. While not the once-in-a-generation changes seen in 2023, this year’s Physician Fee Schedule update includes new codes, such as Principal Illness Navigation, Community Health Integration, Social Determinants of Health Screening, and Caregiver Training Services, all of which can create a revenue stream for a fuller, wrap-around palliative care program. These codes can offer a reimbursement stream for non-clinical navigators and the ability for physical and occupational therapists to join the team. In addition, a new code (G2211) may bridge some financial gaps for palliative care programs providing longitudinal care in the office or home. This presentation will be fun, engaging, and full of new information for attendees.

At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to:

  • Describe when to choose a billing strategy focused on time and when to bill using complexity/medical decision-making
  • List three new codes that a palliative care program or larger entity could implement to support patients and caregivers
  • Name the appropriate settings and circumstances where palliative care clinicians can use the G2211 add-on code
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Toolkit with billing and coding best practices for palliative care services delivered in the hospital or the community. Includes 46 resources.

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