A significant portion of palliative care training focuses on physical symptoms, emotional distress, and existential concerns. But what is often overlooked is how these factors can significantly impact a patient’s sense of sexuality and intimacy.

It's important for palliative care clinicians to have the skills and sensitivity to broach conversations about sexuality and intimacy with patients and their families. The hospital environment often focuses on medical procedures and the monitoring of symptoms, often overshadowing discussions around how intimacy is affected by one’s illness.

This Interprofessional Grand Rounds will explore the intersection of sexuality and intimacy for people living with serious illness. The speakers will explore how to address this topically holistically, as creating a safe space for such discussions fosters trust, allowing patients to voice their concerns and preferences openly. By the end of the session, participants will be able to define sexuality and intimacy for the palliative care population, identify medical, psychological, and social issues leading to intimacy and sexual symptom concerns in patients living with serious illness, and more.

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