Information on COVID-19

Information and resources from the CDC and other trusted organizations.
CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Homepage

First line information from the CDC for patients and families.

How to Protect Yourself: CDC Guidance

Information for patients and families about how to avoid acquiring or spreading COVID-19.

If You Are at Higher Risk: CDC Guidance

Information that specifically applies to patients with serious illness and their families.

What To Do If You Are Sick: CDC Guidance

Information for patients and families who have COVID-19 or symptoms that may indicate COVID-19.

COVID-19 Fact Check (Translated in 7 Languages)

Easy to use 'myth-buster' site for patients and families with practical facts and information about COVID-19. Information is sourced from the WHO, CDC, and other credible sources by an independent group of medical students at UCSF.

COVID-19: What It Is, and Ways to Prepare and Protect Yourself and Others

9-minute video for patients and families. Developed by ACP Decisions and Providence St. Joseph Health.

Information for patients and families about palliative care.

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