A Series of Observations on Opioids (Repost)

October 22, 2019 | By CAPC Staff

A roundup of Dr. Rosielle's Pallimed series on his evolution of thinking about opioids, policy, and more.

CAPC was thrilled to see Dr. Drew Rosielle's series of six blog posts, A Series of Observations on Opioids by a Palliative Doc Who Prescribes A Lot Of Opioids But Also Has Questions, on Pallimed. In this series, Dr. Rosielle addresses the many aspects of his current thinking about opioids, with a specific focus on how his thinking has changed over his years in practice. We strongly recommend that you read the series in full, and join the conversation in the comments section of each Pallimed post or on Twitter, tagging @drosielle.

Part 1: Introduction, General Disclaimers, Hand-Wringing, and a Hand-Crafted Graph

Part 2: We Were Wrong 20 Years Ago, Our Current Response to the Opioid Crisis is Wrong, But We Should Still Be Helping Most of Our Long-Term Patient Reduce Their Opioid Doses

Part 3: Opioids Have Ceiling Effects, High-Doses Are Rarely Therapeutic, and Another Hand-Crafted Graph

Part 4: Everything We Were Taught About High Doses Was Wrong, and the Same Hand-Crafted Graph

Part 5: Why Do We Lump the Non-Cancer Pain Syndromes Together?

Part 6: Why is Cancer Pain So Special?

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