Program Spotlight: Building Relationships to Grow a Palliative Care Team

August 10, 2018 | By CAPC Staff

In this Program Spotlight, Inge DiPasquale, RN of St. Joseph’s Health in Patterson, NJ, discusses the importance of building relationships when growing a palliative care team. Originally receiving forty referrals per month, Inge shares her team’s efforts to establish physician buy-in, which ultimately helped grow the program to over one hundred referrals in just three years. Additionally, Inge discusses her team’s growth, and the importance of maintaining staff wellness in order to meet patient needs.

"By being successful in partnering with physicians, and having them understand that we were there to collaborate with them—while they saw their patients benefiting—they consulted with us more."

Inge DiPasquale, RN
St. Joseph's Health

Listen to the podcast:

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