Updated November 12, 2019. Learn about new (and updated) tools and resources on capc.org.

Here at CAPC, we're constantly creating new products — and updating existing ones — to make sure that you have the best tools and technical assistance to do your job. We're excited to share the below updates with you:

New Tools and Technical Assistance

Clinical Tools for Delivering High-Quality Care Toolkit

This NEW toolkit includes tools and technical assistance that interdisciplinary teams can use to screen for, assess, document, and manage the palliative needs of patients and their caregivers. Teams can also find guidance on how to support team health, promote role clarity, and improve practice efficiency. Download

Resources for Health Plans Toolkit

We've updated this toolkit with the following addition:

  • Health Plan Options Checklist
    A list of best practices for improving health plan operations in support of members with serious illness. Download

Optimizing Billing Practices Toolkit

We've updated this toolkit with the following addition:

  • RVUs 101: For billing, including why RVUs exist, how they are calculated, and why they are important. Download

2019 State-by-State Report Card

  • The latest report on growth of hospital palliative care across the fifty states, gaps in access, and federal and state policy recommendations. Download
  • If you'd like to purchase a copy, they are now available in the CAPC shop!

Financing a Palliative Care Program Toolkit

We've updated this toolkit with the following additions:

  • Payment Quick Tips: Value-Based Payment Introduction
    An introduction to value-based payment and its implications for palliative care. Download
  • Payment Quick Tips: Payment Partnerships
    An introduction to building partnerships that can financially support palliative care programs. Download
  • Financial Analysis and Budgeting Tool for Community-Based Palliative Care
    Customizable workbook for community-based programs to create cost projections and key financial stats. Download
  • Understanding Costs and Prices: Companion Guide for Financial Analysis and Budgeting Tool
    Qualitative explanation of budgeting and finding opportunities for cost-efficiency. Download

Updates to Existing Tools and Technical Assistance

  • CAPC Membership Guide for Palliative Care Leads
    We've updated our guide, which includes tips for maximizing CAPC membership value and engagement within your organization. Download