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Here at CAPC, we're constantly creating new products—and updating existing ones—to make sure that you have the best tools and technical assistance to do your job. We're excited to share the below update with you:

New Resources

Opioid Risk Tool
Adapted from the Opioid Risk Tool questionnaire developed by Lynn R. Webster, MD to assess risk of opioid use disorder. This adapted version uses currently recommended terminology.

Telehealth Billing Guide
A summary of Medicare-reimbursable codes for telehealth and telephone encounters.

Anticipating Stakeholder Reactions
This document can help you respond to questions from senior leaders and decision-makers as you work to secure financial support for your palliative care program.

Sample Script and Guidance: Cold-Calling Patients to Initiate Advance Care Planning

This script for care managers provides guidance and sample language to use when calling without a prior relationship to begin advance care planning for patients with serious illness.

Palliative Care Playbook for PACE

A summary of best practices and tips for PACE organizations to improve care for participants through palliative care principles, practices, and specialists.

New Toolkit: Achieving Health Equity
This toolkit provides resources to improve the quality of care for historically oppressed or excluded patients, and move the needle on health equity for all people living with serious illness.

Assessing the Impact of COVID-19 on the Palliative Care Field, While Moving Forward
In this webinar, one of our field’s most esteemed leaders, R. Sean Morrison, MD, will share learnings as he leads through the crisis; assess the toll of the pandemic on the palliative care field; and examine its current state, including opportunities and challenges. Additionally, Dr. Morrison will offer solutions to position the field for sustainability as we move forward.
Tuesday, September 21 from 2-3 pm ET
Open to all

New Videos: Techniques for Communicating More Effectively in the Time of COVID
These new interactive videos, created in collaboration with VitalTalk, use role-play and structured talking maps to demonstrate how to have effective conversations with patients and families in the time of COVID.


Recommended Quality Measures
Measures that can be used by payers and policymakers to ensure quality care for people living with serious illness.