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Here at CAPC, we're constantly creating new products—and updating existing ones—to make sure that you have the best tools and technical assistance to do your job. We're excited to share the below update with you:

New Resources

Achieving Health Equity Toolkit
Health professionals have a unique opportunity to lead in achieving health equity by establishing trust and alleviating suffering for historically oppressed or excluded patients. This new toolkit includes curated tools and resources to improve the quality of care provided to these patient groups, and move the needle on equity for all people living with serious illness.
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Clinical Training Recommendations for Speech-Language Pathologists Caring for Patients with Serious Illness

These new training recommendations will help speech-language pathologists address the unique needs of patients living with serious illness.

The recommendations also have associated Learning Pathways that contain CAPC-curated courses and tools to help speech-language pathologists acquire these skills:


State Advisory Council Legislation Tracker
Status tracker for state Palliative Care Advisory Councils or similar bodies. Includes relevant bills, statutes, and associated websites when available.

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