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Here at CAPC, we're constantly creating new products—and updating existing ones—to make sure that you have the best tools and technical assistance to do your job. We're excited to share the below update with you:

New Resources

CAPC’s The John A. Hartford Foundation Tipping Point Challenge: Round Three
This national competition is designed to catalyze the spread of skills, ideas, and solutions to improve health care delivery for people living with serious illness. The goals of this third Challenge are twofold: 1) to increase the number of clinicians enhancing their skills in communication and symptom management, and 2) to drive innovation that will make positive, breakthrough change in the care of serious illness.
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Health Equity Concepts: Community Assessment: A Health Equity Learning Activity
As part of the achieving health equity toolkit, this self-directed learning activity provides community and acute care palliative care programs with a foundation of knowledge in social determinants of health and health equity within palliative care. This learning activity offers a step-wise approach, guiding participants through a process to: analyze the demographics within their program's geography; identify resources in their community; create a strategic plan to deliver more inclusive and culturally responsive palliative care; and much more.
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