Patients and Families

CAPC has a website specifically devoted to comprehensive palliative care information for patients and families – It supports patients and families looking for clear, concise information on palliative care. The site is user-friendly with easy navigation. Among the highlights and benefits are:

  • Clear definition of palliative care
  • An interactive quiz to help identify whether palliative care is right for you
  • A downloadable handout for patients and families based on the most frequently asked questions
  • Specific action steps patients and families can take to access palliative care
  • Sections on pediatric palliative care, a section for caregivers and information about palliative care and specific diseases
  • The Provider Directory of Hospitals – the easiest way to find local providers

Learn more at

Palliative Care: YOU Are a BRIDGE

This video animation compares palliative care to the foundation of a bridge. While illness may weaken the foundation, the palliative care team provides a stronger layer of support.

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