Leveraging CAPC membership to start a new program, grow the service or expand into new care settings, and train all clinical staff. Includes 21 resources.
Tools to help health professionals improve health equity for all people living with serious illness. Includes 41 resources.
Assessing and addressing spiritual and existential needs, and leveraging the role of the chaplain on the interdisciplinary team. Includes 52 resources.
Tools to support the integration of clinical art therapy into the care of people living with serious illness. Includes 24 resources.
Hire and onboard your staff, manage program operations, and ensure a healthy high-functioning team using this toolkit. Includes 73 resources.
Resources for palliative care programs working with payers and other financial stakeholders. Includes 14 resources.
Training and clinical tools for oncology clinicians from all disciplines. Includes 23 resources.
This toolkit provides online courses and resources for care managers to meet the needs of patients with serious illness. Includes 14 resources.
Addressing the physical, psychological, and social impacts of serious illness, as well as the functioning of a healthy interdisciplinary team. Includes 59 resources.
A self-directed learning activity providing foundational concepts for building, growing, or redesigning palliative care programs in home, office, or long-term care settings. Includes 24 resources.
Payment, billing, and fundraising tools for inpatient and community-based palliative care programs. Includes 23 resources.
Skills training and clinical tools to support the care of patients with serious illness, and their families. Includes 12 resources.

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