Palliative Care Program Spotlight

Welcome to Program Spotlight . . .

where we shine a light on the successes and challenges faced by CAPC member institutions. Their palliative care programs are of different sizes, scope and setting. Each episode features an in-depth conversation with a program leader on a wide variety of topics such as overcoming obstacles; managing growth; avoiding staff burnout; getting institutional buy-in; working with referring physicians and navigating uncertain waters ahead. 

Spotlight Series 1

Episode 1: Getting Institutional Buy-In with CHI Health Palliative Care

In this episode we feature CHI Health Palliative Care in Omaha, Nebraska. CHI currently provides inpatient consults across 5 hospitals with a projected 1300 consults this year and over 3,700 patient encounters. The program is supported within the clinic structure and works closely with the hospital medicine program. With two physicians, one nurse practitioner, 3.5 RNs and administration support, the team works alongside pastoral care and social services to provide care across multiple campuses.


Episode 2: Building Community Partnerships with Senior CommUnity Care

In Episode 2 of our Program Spotlight Series, we feature Senior CommUnity Care (SCC). SCC is a rural PACE program (Program for All-inclusive Care for the Elderly) that serves approximately 250 participants in two counties on the Western Slope of Colorado. Their parent organization is Volunteers of America. SCC allows participants to age in place by providing individualized care from an interdisciplinary perspective that encompasses curative, palliative, and end-of-life services as appropriate. SCC began in 2008, the formalized end-of-life program began in 2011, and the formalized palliative program began in early 2015.


Episode 3: Team Wellness and Education with Johns Hopkins Hospital

The palliative care program spotlight series continues with Rab Razzak, Director of Outpatient Palliative Medicine at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Simply put: Rab Razzak is championing the future of palliative care. He’s big on staff education and he’s incredibly driven to spread the word of what palliative care can do for patients facing serious illness. He also has a lot to offer us about staff wellness and he’s done tremendous work bringing palliative care to locations around the world who are behind the curve.


Episode 4: Utilizing Palliative Care Data with the Motion Picture and Television Fund

The palliative care program spotlight series goes to the stars with a really interesting behind the scenes look at the Motion Picture and Television Fund, operated by UCLA Health. In this episode, we speak with Nurse Practitioner Linda Healy and Chaplain Rabbi Arthur Rosenberg. This is a wonderful program that was set up to help the entertainment community get proper care when facing serious illness. The program comprises geriatricians, nurse practitioners, nurses, licensed clinical social workers, chaplains, dieticians and activity coordinators. Guidance and counseling is also provided for those struggling with complex decision making about medical issues.


Episode 5: Meeting the Needs of a Growing Population with Hospice of Northwest Ohio

In this episode of the palliative care program spotlight series, we speak with Katie Perkins of Sincera Supportive Care and Symptom Relief—a palliative care program owned and operated by Hospice of Northwest Ohio. Katie is a wonderful example of a dedicated and cutting edge program director. She’s been with Hospice of Northwest Ohio for almost 8 years and is in her second year of her Director of Palliative Care position. This is a story of enormous programmatic growth in terms of staff and reach. Among the many topics we cover in this conversation, Katie offers fellow specialists advice for bringing palliative care into the community setting.


Episode 6: Educating the Community on Palliative Care with Trillium Institute

Our palliative care program spotlight series continues with a fascinating chat with John Mulder, MD, FAAHPM, CHMD, the Medical Director of Trillium Institute and Holland Home Palliative Care. Holland Home began its clinical services in 2007 with home based and skilled nursing facility consultations, added hospital consult services in 2008, and outpatient clinics in 2011. Trillium Institute launched in 2014 with the purpose of developing a portfolio of educational resources for local universities, public events, professional schools and health care institutions, and also to implement navigation services for patients and families living with serious illness. Our chat with John covers how these programs have evolved through this growth. John is big on educating the community at large on what palliative care is and he’s a great spokesman for the benefits of palliative care.


Episode 7: Managing Program Growth with Flagstaff Medical Center

We continue the palliative care program spotlight series with a truly educational chat with two members of the Flagstaff Medical Center palliative care team in Flagstaff, Arizona. My guests today are Emmalee Kennedy who is the Medical Director of the Flagstaff Medical Center palliative care team as well as Donna Clark, a palliative care nurse and clinical coordinator who has been with the program since its inception over ten years ago. This is a story of tremendous programmatic growth and what that means in terms of obstacles. Emmalee and Donna walk us through their strategies for enhancing team wellness, getting institutional buy-in, keeping up with a growing list of consults and much more.


Episode 8: Building a Palliative Care Program with Elmhurst Hospital

In this episode of the Palliative Care Program Spotlight podcast series, we’ll be learning about a program that has just begun. Our guest is Nurse Practioner Tiffani Mckenna of Elmhurst Hospital—a small community hospital in Elmhurst, Illinois. Tiffani manages the palliative care program at Elmhurst. At the time of this recording, the program had only been running for four months . For anyone out there who has built a palliative care program from the ground up, you know it comes with a lot of obstacles and growing pain, but it also might come with some truly incredible moments when the community and the hospital start to realize how vital it is to offer palliative care to patients. For those hoping to start a program, this episode will take you behind the scenes of how to open and grow a program.


Episode 9: Expanding Palliative Care Into the Home Setting with Denver Hospice, Optio Health Services

Our guest today is Debora Gleason, who is currently the clinical manager for all palliative care programs at Optio Health Services within The Denver Hospice. Debra has a lot to teach us about expanding palliative care into the home setting, and is a great advocate for palliative care.


Episode 10: Turning a Program Around with Emory Palliative Care Center

The Palliative Care Program Spotlight Series travels to Atlanta, Georgia to learn about the Emory Palliative Care Center at Emory St. Joseph’s Hospital.
In this episode, we sit down with Sherika Newman, DO, who joined the team as Director of Palliative Medicine in 2014. Upon arrival, Sherika’s team had six consults on their charts. At the end of fiscal year 2016, the team saw 914 new consults and 2,200 in total. While this is a remarkable uptick in activity, with growth comes growing pains. Sherika discusses how she was able to work successfully with referring physicians to build a bridge between specialties and find the right consults. She also gives her tips on managing staff wellness and shares how using data helped gain her support and buy-in from her institution.


Episode 11: Palliative Care in the Community Setting: The Needs Assessment with Meridian Medical Group

Our guest Amy Frieman, MD, of Meridian Medical Group discusses how her team is transitioning into providing palliative care in the community setting.