“Having my pain addressed was an absolute game changer. I feel so much less stressed because I can be there for my family in ways I couldn’t before.”

Kelly's diagnosis: Since she was 12 years old, Kelly has faced an array of medical issues. Over the years, she has dealt with lupus, mitochondrial disease, a clot in her lung and main vein to the heart, and autonomic neuropathy. These issues have caused additional heart and bladder problems, as well as gastropareses.

Kelly's palliative care story: Kelly had done her best to deal with the chronic pain for nearly half her life, but in 2016, the issues became unbearable, and even the smallest task became an issue. After a long hospital stay, she was desperate to find something to help her pain and symptoms so she could return home to be with her son. That’s when she discovered the palliative care team. They determined that some of her pain stemmed from side effects of her medications. Palliative care allowed Kelly to finally return home from the hospital. She can now spend more time outside with her son and can manage everyday tasks.

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