“Even if it takes me a while to get moving each day, it feels good to be able to raise my hand when someone needs me again. I’m just so grateful that my palliative care team raised their hands when I needed them most.”

Beth's Diagnosis: Beth was diagnosed with a rare form of stage IV appendix cancer which had spread to her liver.

Beth's Palliative Care Story: While her team of doctors was working hard to fight the disease, Beth was left with a long list of medications to help her with her pain, fatigue, nausea, and other difficult symptoms. With each medication came side effects and it became clear to Beth’s doctors that she needed focused help with her symptoms. That’s when she was referred to palliative care.

In Beth's initial meeting, the palliative care specialists explained how the team, which includes doctors, nurses, social workers, and pharmacists, could alleviate the pain she was feeling and also work with her to set small goals to move forward. Over time, Beth felt more energy and has been able to travel, garden, and spent quality time with family.

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