"Palliative care has helped me to feel like I can take control back from a situation I had no control over.”

Aly's Diagnosis: In high school, after feeling soreness and pain for an extended period of time, Aly was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis. Despite receiving treatment, her symptoms worsened and she began to lose weight and experience severe stomach issues. She received the diagnosis of Eosinophilic Gastroenteropathy.

Aly's Palliative Care Story: Determined to live an active and normal life, Aly found palliative care. Although Aly was initially hesitant to see a new specialist, upon meeting the palliative care team she felt supported immediately. Having a team that took the time to gain a full understanding of both her symptoms and her frustrations made a difference.

Although her symptoms keep her from enjoying all the activities she wishes to pursue, Aly enjoys spending quality time with friends and family and is working towards her degree. As Aly continues to live life to the best of her abilities, she is proud of the progress she has made thanks to palliative care.

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