Director, Palliative Care

Institution name:

Chapters Health System


Temple Terrace, FL, United States, 33637


The Palliative Care Director provides administrative leadership and management in the operations and growth of the Palliative Care Program that includes hospital and community based approaches. Utilizes business development and operational management skills in creating and adhering to strategic business and program objectives, project timelines and budgets while creating infrastructure that maximizes patient care, revenues and the efficient use of resources in Palliative Care. Supervises and mentors affiliate non-clinical staff and serves as the business driver between the program and community partners. Works with Program Medical Director to achieve successful outcomes of program.


* Bachelor’s degree required with Master’s in business administration or health care administration preferred
* 5 years of management experience in healthcare setting with supervisory, fiscal and operations responsibilities
* Knowledge of and experience in physician practice management
* Knowledge of and experience in palliative medical practice preferred
* Knowledge of CPTs, ICD, payment methodologies and managed care operations
* Ability to compile and analyze data, make decisions that support department and Company objectives
* Ability to organize resources appropriately; develop budget and assess and manage program operations
* Strong management skills including mentoring and motivating people at all levels and managing human resources of those supervised
* Strong computer skills with Microsoft Office, Outlook, Word as well as database management experience
* Strong customer service skills, interpersonal skills, collaboration and conflict resolution skills
* Ability to work independently and with a team, exercising discretion and independent judgement
* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* Intermittent Driver - Valid driver's license and automobile insurance
* Ability to travel to off-site locations
* Ability to manage multiple priorities simultaneously

Responsibilities of all employees:

* Represent Company professionally at all times through care delivered and/or services provided to all clients
* Comply with all state, federal and local government regulations, maintaining a strong position against fraud and abuse
* Comply with Company policies, procedures and standard practices
* Observe Company's health, safety and security practices
* Maintain the confidentiality of patients, families, colleagues and other sensitive situations within the Company
* Use resources in a fiscally responsible manner
* Promote Company through participation in community and professional organizations
* Participate proactively in improving performance at the organizational, departmental and individual levels
* Improve own professional knowledge and skill level
* Advance electronic media skills
* Support Company research and educational activities
* Share expertise with co-workers both formally and informally
* Participate in Quality Assessment Performance Improvement activities as appropriate for the position.

Leadership Success Factors:

* Communication. Express thoughts and ideas clearly. Adapt communication style to fit audience.
* Initiative. Originate action to achieve goals.
* Management Identification. Identify with and accept the problems and responsibilities of management.
* Judgment. Make realistic decisions based on logical assumptions, factual information and in consideration of organizational resources.
* Planning, Organizing and Controlling. Assist department managers with establishing a course of action for the departments to accomplish specific goals. Monitor results.
* Leadership. Use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods in guiding others toward task accomplishment.
* Work Standards. Set high goals or standards of performance for self and others. Compel others to perform.
* Tolerance for Stress. Maintain stability of performance under pressure and/or opposition.
* Innovativeness. Generates and/or recognizes imaginative, creative solutions in work related situations.
* Delegation. Allocate decision making and other responsibilities effectively and appropriately.
* Staff Development. Develop the skills & competencies of staff.
* Organizational Sensitivity. Perceive the impact and implications of decisions on other departments in the organization.

Ethics. Model highest standards of conduct and ethical behavior, adopting a strong position against fraud and abuse.
Regulatory Compliance: Educate and assist with monitoring regarding department responsibilities for regulatory compliance.Job


* Develop and implement approved strategic business plan for growth and expansion of the Palliative Care Program (including expansion of new lines of business).
* Develop, implement, maintain, and monitor adherence to professional business practice policies and procedures for the inpatient and nursing home consult teams and clinics and other services as developed.
* Develop and manage operational budget/financials and budget for Palliative Care growth and expansion.
* Work with contracting office to ensure maximization of revenue for services provided and participate in negotiation and contract management with partners/payers.
* Develop and put into operations an infrastructure for Palliative Care growth.
* Provide administrative leadership of Palliative Care Program.
* Provide supervision and mentorship for all Palliative Care non-clinical staff.
* Manage the front office functions for the Palliative Care program.
* Oversee processes to ensure accurate billing, reimbursement maximization and cash flow for the Palliative Care affiliate.
* Oversee clinician scheduling in conjunction with the Palliative Care Medical Director.
* Serve as an expert in Coding and Billing for all aspects of Palliative Care.
* Manage the compliance, documentation, and auditing processes for services rendered by clinical staff.
* Develop and enhance relationships with community partners and potential partners of Palliative Care.
* Work with partner leadership to enhance the Program’s community outreach and conduct educational workshops as appropriate.
* Develop and give persuasive presentations on behalf of Palliative Care to appropriate audiences.
* Introduce the Program to referring providers, payers, hospitals, other facilities and potential locations as appropriate.
* Develop and implement a marketing plan for Palliative Care.
* Develop new program proposals and presentations as well as processes and timelines for implementation.
* Develop and implement a quality improvement program as well as implement strategies to improve identified indicators.
* Work with the Medical Director to maintain program database and reports related to referrals, productivity, business and practice statistics.
* Develop and utilize dashboard to monitor operations, quality and financial performance of the Palliative Care Program.
* Develop and oversee metrics to demonstrate Program’s impact.
* Review performance measures and use of staff resources proportional to activity and patient care.
* Oversee the maintenance and effective utilization of a Palliative Care EMR.
* Maintain compliance with all regulatory and accreditation standards pertaining to delivery of Palliative Care in all settings.
* Identify opportunities for process improvements and/or automation and implement new procedures.
* Work closely with leadership of Business Office in the development of optimal systems for revenue cycle for the Palliative Care Program.
* Work closely with the Palliative Care Medical Director to ensure the provision of high quality palliative care to patients and successful outcomes of the Palliative Care Program.
* Work closely with leadership of other Company affiliates to provide seamless transitions of care from one affiliate service to another.
* Provide consultations to staff and management in matters related to Palliative Care.
* Participate in the hiring and orientation of new Palliative Care affiliate staff. Professional Development:
* Maintain expertise and keep current with palliative healthcare trends and practices.
* Participate in professional organizations to advance the profession and improve palliative health care delivery to patients.Other:
* Participate in research to improve Palliative Care.
* Perform other duties as assigned.

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