Duke University Hospital: Nurse Practitioner

May 9, 2019


Duke Health
Durham, NC, United States


General Description of the Job Class
The Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner provides direct patient care services and performs medical acts as a Nurse Practitioner under the supervision of the supervisory physician to patients >18 years of age requiring palliative care and symptom management. The Nurse Practitioner performs physical exams, collects and documents data, conducts diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, orders and schedules laboratory studies and professional consultations, and prescribes appropriate interventions and medications. The Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner contributes to excellence in patient care, research, teaching, and provides leadership in the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities of this Level
• In collaboration with attending palliative care physicians; diagnose, plan treatment, set priorities and realistic outcomes, and evaluate the effectiveness and cost efficiency of patient care.
• Provide and coordinate clinical care through established protocols and under the supervising physician or back up physician who is either on site or available by pager.
• Assess patients for change in status and institute appropriate interventions. Initiate emergency interventions in an effort to stabilize the patient until physician support arrives.
• Develop patient care pathways, protocols and guidelines for the management of specific problems in conjunction with physicians and other members of the health care team.
• Analyze clinical practice patterns so as to provide the best medical care and to increase effectiveness and efficiency.
• Communicate verbally and in writing all pertinent patient information to supervising MD, nursing staff, patient resource manager, home health agency, hospice agency and other relevant healthcare providers.
• Document in the patients’ medical record all relevant data including but not limited to results of diagnostic tests; laboratory results; patients’ condition and response to therapies/interventions; communications with supervising MD.
• Implement a specific plan of palliative care to alleviate suffering and promote the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual comfort of the patient and family.
• Utilize prescriptive privileges only for identified patient population and in accordance with DUH and NC Board of Nursing/NC Medical Board regulations.
• Prescriptive authority for prescribing, ordering, and or administering drugs; including (but not limited to) schedule II, III, IV, and V drugs and necessary medical devices.
• Role model competence in all nurse practitioner / physician assistant advanced skills.


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