Duke Health: Hospice Nurse Practitioner

May 7, 2019


Duke Health
Durham, NC, United States


Collaboratively coordinates and provides care of the hospice, home health, and infusion DUHS patient population. Assesses staff educational needs related to the provision of clinical care services. Defines appropriate staff competencies in collaboration with the Duke HomeCare and Hospice Medical Director and the Director of Patient Services/Hospice, Director of Patient Services/Home Health, and Director of Patient Services/Infusion. Provides care and performs medical acts as a Nurse Practitioner, under the supervision of the supervisory physician, in the home or hospice inpatient care facility or partner facilities.

1. Provide direct patient care and may perform medical acts as a nurse practitioner under the supervision of the supervising physician in the home, community-based care setting, or hospice inpatient care facility or partner facilities. The supervising physician will be available by pager, mobile phone, or other electronic means.
2. Assists in the coordination and development of the care plan collaboratively with the clinical staff, patient, family, physician and medical director, and establishes mutual goals.
3. Assesses and provides patient/family teaching based on patient and caregiver’s needs.
4. Participates in on-call rotation for medical coverage of hospice, home health, and infusion patients.
5. Participates in weekly interdisciplinary patient care conferences. Establishes, reviews, updates, and summarizes care plans in keeping with Medicare COP’s and Licensure requirements.
6. Assesses learning needs of Duke HomeCare & Hospice Staff, and provides appropriate education in collaboration with the Directors of Patient Services/Hospice/Home Health/Infusion.
7. Participates in community educational projects.
8. Participates in the performance Improvement Program of Duke HomeCare & Hospice.
9. Perform complex diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in diagnosing medical and surgical problems and prescribing necessary treatment and services for quality patient care; record normal and abnormal data and tentative conclusions for review by the physician.
10. Coordinate and schedule laboratory studies and diagnostic procedures; explain the necessity, preparation, nature and anticipated effects of scheduled diagnostic and therapeutic procedures to the patient.
11. Monitor patient’s status, maintain a record of the patient’s condition and consult with supervising physician when patient’s response does not meet anticipated and/or predetermined criteria.
12. Participate in basic science and clinical research projects conducted by supervising physician; prepare statistical reports and analyses setting forth progress, adverse trends and appropriate recommendations or conclusions. Member of DHCH research committee.
13. Assist in teaching students and residents in complex techniques and procedures which are unique to specific clinical setting.
14. Utilizes current nursing and clinical research to support evidence based clinical decision making and practice.
15. Demonstrates responsibility for professional practice through active participation in professional organizations, continuing education and when applicable in obtaining certification.
16. Maintains confidentiality of employee and patient information.
17. Exhibits an attitude which promotes harmony and goodwill in the workplace.
18. Displays a clean, neat, professional appearance.
19. Participates in Quality Assurance Performance Improvement (QAPI).
20. Promotes quality, comprehensive services through a team approach.
21. Performs other duties as assigned.


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