In this Master Clinician, Lauran Hardin, MSN, RN-BC, CNL, and Shelly Viva, LCSW, will share practical strategies to help palliative care teams provide compassionate care for patients with complex needs, specifically people with a history of substance use disorders, co-occurring with mental health issues. Participants will learn about core competencies to improve care for this population, understand the stigma and a history of trauma on complex patient presentation, and acquire strategies for building key partnerships for delivery of complex care.




  • Lauran Hardin

    Lauran Hardin, MSN, RN-BC, CNL

    Director Cross Continuum Transformation
    National Center for Complex Health and Social Needs

  • Shelly Virva

    Shelly Virva, LCSW,FNAP

    Senior Consultant,
    Health Management Associates

  • Scott Haga.png

    Scott Haga, PA-C

    Certified Physician Assistant
    Center for Integrative Medicine, Spectrum Health Medical Group