In a recent episode of Program Spotlight, Dr. Bob Bergamini of Mercy in St. Louis, Missouri, joins us to share the successes and challenges of implementing palliative care across his health system. With institutional buy-in from the start, due to its alignment with it's mission, palliative care rose to become a key initiative, especially due to internal data proving its cost effectiveness, and decline in ED visits and hospital readmissions. These factors contributed to giving palliative care the recognition needed to penetrate all hospitals in the system, maintaining sacrificing quality of care.

Listen to this podcast to learn how Mercy's palliative care teams, including pediatric, continue to reduce hospital admissions and implement new initiatives to improve quality of life for people living with serious illness, and their families.

"Our goal is not to prove who deserves the recognition for readmission rates—what we want is to see patients and families well taken care of."

Listen to the podcast: