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Palliative Care Program Spotlight: Taking a Program to the Next Level with Boston Medical Center

December 21, 2016 | By CAPC Staff

This month, the Palliative Care Program Spotlight Series features an engaging chat with Sandhya Rao, MD, as she discusses the challenges and successes she experienced while building and marketing her program.

Sandhya is the Director of Palliative Care Service at Boston Medical Center and was originally recruited by Boston Medical Center as a part-time hospitalist and palliative care physician. As we have learned from previous episodes of this podcast, with growth comes obstacles—and those obstacles make the big successes that much sweeter. In this episode, Sandhya shares how she overcame her biggest challenges, and how collecting and properly reporting on data gave her program an edge. She also offers details on how she has been able to keep her staff balanced and focused while dealing with increased referrals. 

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