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10 Reasons to Become a CAPC Member Organization

August 1, 2014 | By CAPC Staff

The value of CAPC membership is a strong partnership between your organization and CAPC. Among the many benefits of membership, you and your organization will be able to take advantage of:

  1. Virtual Office Hours for “just in time,” small-group access to field leaders, whether you’re trying to improve team billing practices or implement palliative care in your ICU
  2. Ready-to-use tools and technical assistance for palliative care specialists and teams in all settings
  3. Clinical online training pathways for all frontline clinicians that integrate best practices with highly interactive skill-building. Generalist clinicians can receive CAPC Designation. Training is linked to CME/CEUs
  4. Operational skill-building for both well-established and new palliative care specialists. Training is linked to CME/CEUs
  5. Leadership support that focuses on a rapidly changing environment, including leveraging resources to increase efficiency, metrics needed to ensure impact and seamless adoption of best practices from other programs.
  6. Comparative data and reporting through the nation’s only repository of data on palliative care team characteristics and best practices – the National Palliative Care Registry™
  7. Convening opportunities, such as Special Interest Groups that let you collaborate with colleagues who share your interests and challenges
  8. Access to all CAPC web conferences
  9. Deep discounts for the Journal of Palliative Medicine and the CAPC Seminar
  10. If you join in 2014, you will save for two years!

To learn more and to join, click here.