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New Book: Life After Diagnosis

February 15, 2017 | By CAPC Staff

In his book, Life After the Diagnosis, published this week, Dr. Steven Z. Pantilat, a renowned international expert in palliative care, shares innovative approaches for dealing with serious illness, outlines the steps that patients should take, and how they can better navigate the medical system. He makes sense of what doctors say, what they actually mean, and how to get the best information to help make the best medical decisions possible.

“It’s not about the decisions you make, but making sure that the decisions you do make are based on real evidence and real information,” says Dr. Pantilat.

The book covers everything from the first steps after diagnosis and finding the right caregiving and support, to planning your future so your loved ones don’t have to. Dr. Pantilat offers advice on how to tackle the most difficult treatment decisions and discussions and shows readers how to choose treatments that stay consistent with their values and personal goals. He also emphasizes that no matter where you are in your illness, there is always more to be discussed and planned.

“A diagnosis of serious illness can be incredibly frightening. It can be bewildering to think about how to move forward. The important message is that you can move forward to get really good care,” says Dr. Pantilat.

Share this book with your patients today. Click this link for more information and to order this great resource.

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