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Geripal Podcast: Expert Weighs in on the Current State of Palliative Care

April 19, 2017 | By CAPC Staff

The most recent GeriPal podcast features Dr. Sean Morrison, Geriatrician and Palliative Medicine physician, director of the National Palliative Care Research Center and the Hertzberg Palliative Care Institute at Mount Sinai in New York. In this episode, Dr. Morrison discusses the new report, “How We Work: Trends and Insights in Hospital Palliative Care.” This report was co-produced by the National Palliative Care Research Center and the Center to Advance Palliative Care. The report summarizes the current state of palliative care practice in the US.

“I think the biggest finding is that palliative care teams on average are seeing almost 5% of hospitalized patients, but some teams are seeing up to 15% or 16%. And the right number is probably somewhere between 7.5% to 15% depending upon the makeup of the hospital,” says Dr. Morrison.

Click here to read the full transcript.

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