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Article: Innovative Healthcare Programs Exist (And Work)

January 12, 2018 | By CAPC Staff

“One of the most frustrating traits of the Canadian health-care system is its failure to recognize and embrace success,” says André Picard, a health reporter and columnist at The Globe and Mail, in his latest piece. In his story, Picard sets out to show the thriving programs and innovations helping patients today in a climate in Canada he perceives to be too focused on the negatives.

One example Picard offers is a successful program, INSPIRED, which provides palliative care to COPD patients.

‘The [creators of the program] were frustrated by the fact that care of COPD patients was largely reactive, insufficient and failing, leaving them lingering and suffering in hospital beds and placing tremendous stress on overwhelmed families when they were discharged,” says Picard.

Picard points to the INSPIRED model as being on the right track to empowering patients.

“Dr. Rocker and his colleagues did something that’s not done often enough in Canadian health care: They asked patients how their care could be improved, and then implemented the advice.” Click here to read more.

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