Authors call for critical care nurses to integrate palliative care principles when caring for patients.

In a recent CriticalCareNurse article, William E. Rosa, PhD, MBE, ACHPN, et al. sought to promote engagement with palliative care in the critical care setting during the pandemic, including supporting nurses by providing palliative care resources. After conducting a literature review and reading practice guidelines, the authors outline the need for palliative care in order to provide high-quality critical care.

"The call to action is clear: it matters that nurses spend the most time with critically ill patients and their families and lead care teams during both normalcy and crises. Critical care nurses can drive full integration of palliative care into the care of all patients, including patients with COVID-19, because they have always put the patient and family at the center of their practice. Palliative care is critical care and the time for separation or waiting is behind us."

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