New study published in JAMDA shows positive effects of a nonpharmacoogic intervention on people living with dementia.

Music and Memory (M&M), is an "innovative program that advocates the use of personalized music for older adults with dementia and other cognitive or behavioral symptoms with goals of improving their quality of life." In the largest M&M study to date, Debra Bakerjian, PhD, APRN, RN, et al. found associations with this nonpharmacologic intervention and "reductions in psychotropic medication use, reduced behaviors, and improved mood", among nursing home residents living with dementia and/or other behavioral problems.

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Individuals with dementia have complex care needs and long periods of disability, resulting in heavy reliance on the support of their family and other caregivers. While there are no evidence-based treatments that reverse dementia, clinicians can and should take action to improve quality of care for these vulnerable patients and their caregivers.

CAPC's dementia care courses provide clinicians with training on communicating effectively with patients and caregivers about the dementia diagnosis, helping families understand what to expect and how to prepare for the future, interpreting and addressing difficult behaviors, managing common medical issues for patients with dementia, and navigating difficult care decisions.

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