Since first launching in 2003, more than 1,300 palliative care teams have trained with a PCLC.

CAPC is proud to share that it's been twenty years since it launched Palliative Care Leadership Centers (PCLC), palliative care centers of excellence that provide hands-on training, strategic planning guidance, and mentoring to fast-track palliative care programs. Since then, the percentage of hospitals (with 50 or more beds) with a palliative care program has increased from 25% to more than 83%, expanding into community settings, as well.

"As the demand for palliative care services has increased exponentially, it remains vitally important that we continue to build and expand successful, sustainable palliative care programs. We are proud that Palliative Care Leadership Centers have played a crucial role in providing a necessary foundation of practical knowledge and coaching for new and growing palliative care teams for more than two decades," said Brynn Bowman, chief executive officer at CAPC.

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