Improved Palliative Care Practices Through Machine-Learning Prediction of 90-Day Risk of Mortality Following Hospitalization

December 21, 2022

by Thein H. Oo, PhD, MSc, et al., NEJM Catalyst

Omnibus will extend Medicare telehealth rules through 2024

December 19, 2022

by Ben Leonard, Politico

How Medicare Advantage Could Address Pain Inequities For Black Patients Living With Serious Illness

December 08, 2022

by Allison Silvers, MBA, Health Affairs

Project EPIC (Early Palliative Care In COPD): A Multiphase Evaluation of the EPIC Telehealth Intervention

December 06, 2022

by Anand S. Iyer, MD, MSPH, et al., Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

When the Treatment of Last Resort Sends a Life Into Limbo

November 23, 2022

by Daniela J. Lamas, MD, The New York Times

Palliative Care Consultations Underused, Happen Too Late in High-Grade Glioma

November 18, 2022

by Jessica Nye, PhD, Cancer Therapy Advisor

Emergency Department Embedded Palliative Care Service Creates Value for Health Systems

November 11, 2022

by David H. Wang, MD, and Ryan Heidt, MHA, Journal of Palliative Medicine

Physician Explains How Pharmacists Play ‘Huge Role in Educating Prescribers on Risks of Polypharmacy’

November 10, 2022

by Alana Hippensteele, Pharmacy Times

More than Medicine: A Holistic Approach to Care

November 10, 2022

by Avalon Hinchman, 34th Street, The Daily Pennsylvanian

Palliative Care for Chronically Critically Ill Infants

November 08, 2022

by Editorial Staff, Physician's Weekly

Psycho-Existential Symptom Assessment Scale (PeSAS) Screening in Palliative Care

November 01, 2022

by David W. Kissane, MD, et al., Journal of Pain and Symptom Management

Heart Failure Patients Experienced Homelessness and Palliative Care Utilization

October 26, 2022

by Editors, Physicians Weekly

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