PCLC at Fairview Health Services

  1. Location
    Minneapolis, MN
  2. Leader
  3. Faculty
    • Jody Chrastek
      DNP, Pediatric Palliative Care Coordinator
    • Michael Finch
      NP, Lead Advanced Practice Provider
  4. Photo: Drew Rosielle

Fairview Health Services At-A-Glance

Fairview is a nonprofit health care system with over 32,000 employees working in academic and community hospitals, primary and specialty clinics, home care and hospice, and senior services. Our palliative care program includes inpatient consult teams in our academic adult and pediatric hospitals, as well as in our largest community hospital; advanced practice palliative care providers serve in two community hospitals. Fairview has the largest network of palliative care clinics in Minnesota, with physicians, nurses, and social workers in five palliative care clinics. Our system’s palliative home care and hospice program serves both children and adults. Fairview’s strong focus on education includes physician and social work fellowships, rotations for learners, and a serious illness communication training program. American Hospital Association Circle of Life award winner.

Key benefits of training with Fairview include access to:

  • All curriculum areas, including PCLC Pediatrics
  • A four-discipline consult team with processes for team collaboration that have been developed and refined over 15 years
  • Hands-on experience with the cost-avoidance model, which documents the financial impact of palliative care from the hospital perspective
  • Insight into Fairview’s clinical palliative care educational programming
  • Opportunities to learn from palliative care physicians, advanced practice nurses, clinical social workers, and chaplains, with planned time for discipline-specific dialogue
  • Processes for establishing a palliative care clinic and interdisciplinary collaboration in the outpatient setting
  • Strategies for system-wide involvement, including strategies for palliative care collaboration with oncology, cardiology, and other service lines
  • An in-depth look at standardization of palliative care practices—and quality—across a health system
  • A pediatric palliative care program that spans hospital, clinic, home, and Medicare-certified pediatric hospice


For questions about Fairview, including the availability of specific training dates, contact Drew Rosielle at drosiel1@fairview.org or 612-273-2707.

For general PCLC questions, please contact Brittany Chambers at brittany.chambers@mssm.edu or call 347-802-7231.

Other Locations & Training Dates

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Manhasset, NY

The largest integrated health system in New York State, based on patient revenue, and the 14th-largest health care system in the United States. Inpatient palliative care teams, outpatient practices, and post-acute services are fully integrated to deliver care across the system . . .

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  • Mar 24–26, 2021
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  • Sep 22–24, 2021
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  • Apr 8–22, 2021
  • Sep 29–30, 2021
  • Oct 20–21, 2021
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  • Mar 8–9, 2021
  • Jun 8–9, 2021
  • Oct 27–28, 2021
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  • Sep 13–14, 2021
  • Dec 6–7, 2021
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UVA’s extensive palliative care program includes an office based palliative care clinic associated with an inpatient consultation service, as well as home and inpatient hospices. It has a large outpatient service embedded in both the oncology and heart-failure clinics. It is also a leader in EMR integration. . . .

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  • Mar 18–19, 2021
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  • May 13–14, 2021
  • Jun 17–18, 2021
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  • May 20–21, 2021
  • Jun 17–18, 2021
  • Sep 23–24, 2021
  • Nov 18–19, 2021
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Drew Rosielle
MD, FAAHPM, Palliative Medical Director

Drew Rosielle, MD, FAAHPM is Palliative Medical Director and Fellowship Program Director at at the University of Minnesota Medical Center in Minneapolis. He received his medical degree from University of Minnesota Medical School and has been in practice since 2002. In 2013, he received the Hastings Center Cunniff-Dixon Physician Award in the early-career physician category. Dr. Rosielle is recognized for his expertise in evidence-based palliative care education. He is the editor of Fast Facts and Concepts, which provides concise, peer-reviewed, and evidence-based summaries on topics in palliative care for clinicians and trainees. He also founded Pallimed, an award-winning and internationally recognized blog on hospice and palliative care. He serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Palliative Medicine and is a member of the American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine’s clinical education committee. Dr. Rosielle “focuses on a core element of palliative care – the patient, family, and friends as the unit of care,” said his nominator, Lyn Ceronsky, DNP, GNP, Director of Palliative Care at the University of Minnesota Medical Center and Fairview Southdale Hospital. “He exudes a solid and supportive presence for families.”

Dr. Rosielle received his medical degree from the University of Minnesota Medical School in 2002.