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Palliative Care Leadership Centers FAQ

How Palliative Care Leadership Center Training Supports Your Team

Lynn Hill Spragens, MBA President/Chief Executive Officer Spragens & Associates, LLC

What are Palliative Care Leadership Centers™ (PCLC)?

The Palliative Care Leadership Centers™, are leading centers of excellence in palliative care. An initiative of the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC), the PCLCs provide intensive training and mentoring to help you sustain, grow or start your palliative care program. PCLCs are leaders in applying the most effective palliative care program models.

Located in various regions of the United States, the Palliative Care Leadership Centers include health systems, academic medical centers, cancer centers, children’s hospitals, hospice, VA and community hospitals. Each offers a customized hands-on experience, as well as a 12-month mentoring follow-up to address future questions. PCLC has been one of palliative care's most effective innovations.  

How were the PCLCs chosen?

The PCLCs were selected through a highly competitive process. They were chosen for their clinical excellence, outstanding leadership, reputation and depth of experience.

What will we gain from working with a Palliative Care Leadership Center?

PCLC provides intensive thought-partnership, support, technical assistance and yearlong mentoring. Whether you have a mature program or a start-up, there is a PCLC to address your needs.

Through December 2016, PCLC training will focus on:

  • PCLC Core: Our Core Curriculum, for those planning or starting a palliative care program.
  • PCLC Custom: Customized for active programs.
  • PCLC Consult: Consultant-based for active programs – we come to you!
  • PCLC Pediatric: Specifically designed to address the unique characteristics and challenges of pediatric palliative care programs.

As of January 2017, all training will be custom, and CAPC membership will be required to attend.

Does PCLC offer training for community settings?

Yes. As of January 2017, four new PCLCs will offer training focused on palliative care in community settings, including home and office/clinic. PCLC training and mentoring centers on the operational aspects of palliative care development and sustainability. Several current PCLC's provide this training now.

Does PCLC offer clinical training?

PCLC focuses on operational development. However, CAPC provides clinical training through its robust tools, technical assistance and online curriculum for all member organizations. To access CAPC member resources for developing clinical expertise, go to
CAPC Central.

How should we choose a PCLC?

The choice is yours. Some teams choose to train with the PCLC that is geographically closest to them, while others choose a PCLC most similar to their own institution (community hospital, academic medical center, cancer center, children’s hospital etc). You will receive intensive, customized training based on your program’s specific needs, regardless of which PCLC you choose. 

How large a team can we enroll with a PCLC?

The PCLCs are flexible about the number of people you enroll. A minimum of two team members per institution is required. However, while there is no maximum, most groups are five people or less. Please note that your tuition fee will vary depending on the number of team members you enroll. (see "How do I enroll?").

Is CAPC membership required?

As of January 2017, CAPC membership will be required due to the CAPC Central resources necessary for training. 

How much does PCLC cost?

Through December 2016, fees are:

PCLC Core, PCLC Custom and PCLC Pediatric: There is an enrollment fee of $7,500 per team of two to six people from one institution. Because experience has shown that involvement of a financial officer is key to successful palliative care programs, a reduced fee of $7,250 per team is available to those who include a hospital finance person as a member of their team.

Teams larger than six are welcome. There will be an additional fee of $500 for each person after the sixth.

PCLC Consult: Pricing is based upon the specific needs of your team. Contact the PCLC of your choice for more information.

Enrollment for 2017 will begin October 2016. CAPC membership will be required. The fee structure will be:

  • $10,000 per team (not per person) of up to six people from one institution
  • $500 per each additional person after six (Teams larger than six are welcome.) 

What do you mean by a "finance person"?

A "finance person" is an individual who works for the finance department; has a management role, such as director of finance; who is conversant in and can readily access hospital decision support data (including clinical and financial data); who works closely with the system CFO; and who will function as a member of the team implementing or expanding your institution’s palliative care program. 

Since experience has shown that involvement of a senior financial administrator is key to palliative care program success, groups that include the finance person on their team will be charged a reduced tuition fee.

How do we enroll?

For tuition information and to enroll, go to

Do we have to use the online application, or is there a paper application I can fill out?

There is no paper application. If you need assistance with the online application, please contact us at (212) 201-2679

What types of questions are on the PCLC application?

The PCLC application asks for basic information about you and your team, and information about your institution and your palliative care program (if you already have one), as well as your experience with CAPC.

The final step of the application is to select the PCLC you would like to work with. After you submit your application, it will be sent directly to the PCLC you have requested, and they will get in touch with you about scheduling.

When should we enroll?

Enroll now!  The Palliative Care Leadership Centers are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and traning dates are limited.

Once we fill out the application, how long will we have to wait for training?

Demand for PCLC is high. In some cases, you may have to wait a few months, so we recommend that you apply early. If you do have to wait, you can get a head start by attending a CAPC seminar in the interim.

Who do we contact with questions?

For specific questions, please contact the administrator of the PCLC you will attend.

For general questions, please fill out a Support Form ​ or call (212) 201-2679.

Palliative Care Leadership Centers™ (PCLC) is a national initiative of the Center to Advance Palliative Care (CAPC).