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Palliative Care Leadership

Tips for Managing Growth: Self Care

Dr. Rab Razzak, Director of Outpatient Palliative Medicine at Johns Hopkins discusses how his palliative care team uses reflective sessions to prevent burnout.

Tips for Managing Growth: Educate Others in Palliative Care Skills

Cory Ingram, MD MS FAAHPM, Practice Chair of Community Palliative Medicine at Mayo Clinic, offers advice on how palliative care teams can manage growth in need.

Tips for Managing Growth: Find a Balance

Emily Riegel MD, Assistant Professor of Palliative Care at the University of Kansas Medical Center offers advice to fellow palliative care specialists on how to manage programmatic growing pains.

Tips for Managing Growth: Team Wellness

Palliative Care Specialist Amber Burger MD offers advice for how palliative care teams can better handle moments when the number of patients increases.

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