Interdisciplinary team (IDT) care is a hallmark of quality palliative medicine (PM). In 2014 Mayo Clinic (MC) PM had 1 RN dedicated to the PM clinic. MC Rochester now has 12 RNs who support the PM clinic and inpatient teams. The addition of RNs to the IDT had the potential to enhance PM reach, improve patient/family care, increase RN and team job satisfaction, and increase team efficiency. It was paramount to identify the RN role in order to maximize the utilization of RNs to their full scope. The aim of this project was to increase the number of RN-led patient visits by 25%. Through this project a formal workflow and RN visit trigger tool was created and implemented. Weekly PDSA cycles were conducted to facilitate use of a visit trigger tool. Over six weeks, RN-led patient visits increased by 28%. RN identified visits increased by 21% and team identified visits increased by 27%. RN job satisfaction increased from 40% to 100% of RNs reporting satisfaction. This project has clarified the role of the RN on the inpatient palliative medicine team as well as provided structure and process.


Ellen Wild, RN, CHPN
RN Palliative Medicine
Mayo Clinic, Center for Palliative Medicine
200 1st St. SW
Rochester, MN 56001