TRU Community Care began assessing its existing small, and somewhat traditional, palliative care program for redesign. The goal of this project was to explore new partnerships and program enhancements targeted at broadening the number of patients served. The old Palliative care model was based on a single MD/NP visit. These visits were limited in frequency and the process of scheduling follow up encounters was inconsistent. Additionally, the palliative program lacked good internal tracking systems. This made it difficult to communicate with primary care practitioners in an ongoing fashion. In general, the feedback on this program was that it really didn’t meet the needs of our community. The journey to build a community focused palliative care program began with exploration of the following four areas:

  • Listening session with all community referral sources
  • Review of the literature for best practices
  • Market assessment of existing palliative care options
  • Completion of a technology assessment

To understand the unique community needs we used active listening sessions to gather feedback.


Jim Woodard, RN,MBA
Chief Operationg Officer/Chief Nursing Officer
TRU Community Care
2594 Trailridge Drive East
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