Advanced Palliative Care Skills Course

Topic: Education Strategies

Mayo Clinic HS CAPC Nov 2017 Final poster_Deming_Thelen.pdf.png

Communication is a skill that can be practiced and empathy is a muscle that can be strengthened. At Mayo Clinic Health System - Northwest Wisconsin, we designed a day-long course similar to ACLS (Advanced Cardiac Life Support) where team members from across the organization can practice their communication and empathy skills with each other in small groups. Confidence levels soar and remain elevated 4 months later. This poster provides more logistical details behind one portion of the Friday afternoon talk, "B5 Training Colleagues: Palliative Care Education as a Strategic Initiative."


  • James Deming, MD
  • Medical Director, Palliative Care
  • Mayo Clinic Health System - Northwest Wisconsin
  • 1400 Bellinger St
  • Eau Claire, WI 54702
  • (715) 838-3224


  • Mary Thelen, RN

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