Growing the Tribe: Creation of a Regional Palliative Care Collaborative

Topic: Advocacy


Breaking Bread and Building the Tribe: Creation of a Regional, Interdisciplinary Palliative Care Collaborative Objectives

  •  Describe key initial steps when exploring the creation of a regional PC collaborative
  •  Explain potential short-term, intermediate, and aspirational goals for an interdisciplinary group of PC professionals
  •  Relate 5 lessons learned during the first year of the DVPCC

Palliative Care (PC) programs are flourishing nationally, with 90% of hospitals with 300 or more beds offering PC. Hospitals with 500 or more beds are expanding PC team sizes, averaging 7.8 full time equivalent positions in 2014. Despite this growth, smaller hospitals are less likely to have PC programs and those that do average less than half the staff members of larger institutions.  With high burnout rates in PC (62% in a 2014 survey with younger clinicians who feel isolated most susceptible); nurturing connections with colleagues may help sustain PC providers and programs long term.

Through this poster, we will outline for conference attendees a framework to build their own regional PC organizations by sharing the creation of the Delaware Valley Palliative Care Collaborative (DVPCC), a multidisciplinary group of PC clinicians from among the 58 hospitals and many hospices within 40 miles of Philadelphia.  After reviewing our needs assessment, we will highlight the creation of our inter-institution planning committee and achievements of the first year (including 4 meetings and a membership that has grown to over 120 clinicians). Short-term successes crucial to maintaining momentum include a DVPCC-branded website with shared teaching files and presentation slide decks. The intermediate-term cultivation of a mentoring network will be highlighted and potential aspirational goals, including the benefits of an integrated PC course and securing 501(c) (3) nonprofit status, will be offered.  Finally, we will devote significant space to sharing mistakes made and lessons learned, hoping to smooth the road for those in other geographic areas seeking to enhance and engage their region’s PC tribe.



  • Amy Davis
  • Anessa Foxwell
  • Arthur Siegal
  • Brianna Morgan
  • Christopher Jones
  • Joshua Jones
  • Maria Doll-Shaw
  • Mary Kraemer
  • Mary Pat Lynch
  • Rupali Rajpathak
  • Susan B. Kristiniak

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