A System Approach to Inpatient Palliative Care Services

Topic: Health System Strategies

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Ministry Health Care has recognized the need to expand the reach of palliative care services and identified these services as a strategic imperative.   Palliative Care aligns well with the values and mission of our Catholic system and provides an important component of care as we move to align our work with a population-based health model of service delivery. 

To facilitate this work the system implemented a dyad leadership team and charged them with implementing a multi-disciplinary inpatient palliative care consult team in 7 hospitals located in the central, eastern, and northern parts of Wisconsin.  This poster describes the work to implement a standardized palliative care service that is deployed locally.  Challenges of multiple EHR applications, geographic distance, lack of understanding/acceptance of palliative care are considered in the narrative.



  • Ann K. Patek, RN, MSN

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