Hospice Enrollment Changes After Use of AI Tool in ICUs

Topic: Screening for Palliative Care Patients


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The Advanced Illness: Beds (AIB) Initiative was started to align goals of care in ICUs. Advanced Illness (AI) occurs when serious conditions cause health and functioning to decline. AI patients are considered for transfer to the Palliative Care Suite (PCS) after a palliative medicine consultation. ICU patients can be admitted to the PCS as in-patient hospice. This study tracked hospice enrollment in the PCS before and after the AIB Initiative. A retrospective data review was performed on PCS patients discharged from 2/1/14-6/30/15. 1,023 patients were admitted to the PCS between 2/1/14-6/30/15. 705 patients were admitted prior to the initiative, 318 after. In the year before, 175 patients were transferred from ICU’s, 10 of which were admitted as in-patient hospice. After the initiative, 65 patients were transferred to the PCS from ICUs, 12 of which were in-patient hospice. Prior to the initiative 5.71% of ICU transfers to the PCS were hospice enrollees. The percentage has since increased to 18.46%.  The average number of ICU to hospice patients per month has increased from 0.83 to 2.4 since the initiative, a 190% increase.  Using AI criteria in the ICU’s allows for earlier identification, clarification of goals of care and increased hospice enrollment


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