ESAS to Improve Symptomatology Mgmt/Communication

Topic: Screening for Palliative Care Patients

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise and the American public clamors for improved safety and quality of healthcare, Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services has linked patient’s evaluation of providers with reimbursement for services. Specific expectations and benchmark scores outlined, and if unmet, providers will be financially penalized. Therefore, hospitals across the nation are implementing efforts to improve patient and family satisfaction.

The aim of this project is to answer the following questions.(1) Does the use of the Edmonton Symptom Assessment System improve registered nurses’ knowledge of symptom assessment and management of patients with advanced and chronic diseases in an acute care hospital? (2) Will the implementation of the ESAS improve patients’ and families’ perception of communication with healthcare practitioners?


  • Eyitayo O. Odeniyi
  • Advanced Practice Clinician, Palliative Care Program
  • Baylor St. Luke’s Medical Center
  • 8835 Aspen Meadow Drive
  • Houston, TX 77071
  • (832) 355-5158

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