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Leveraging Data

Data Collection and Palliative Care

Brian Cassel, PhD explains how to leverage palliative care data to demonstrate value.

Leveraging Palliative Care Data

Ashland Evans, Program Manager at Mary Washington Healtcare describes how data has played a role in his program's relationship with institutional leaders.

Why I Submit Data to the National Palliative Care Registry

Ujjwala Dheeriya, MD, Medical Director of Palliative Care at Torrance Memorial Health System tells us why she submits data to the National Palliative Care Registry.

Leveraging Palliative Care Data: Increasing Referrals

Daniel Hoefer, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Sharp HealthCare's Palliative Care Program discusses how palliative care data can help increase referrals from physicians.

Palliative Care Expert: Collect Data from Day One

Timothy Ihrig MD discusses the importance of collecting data in palliative care.

Leveraging Palliative Care Data: Institutional Support

Maria Gatto, Director of Trinity Health, discusses how data can help palliative care programs prove their worth to members of the C-suite of an institution.

Palliative Care: Data and Public Demand Will Change Culture

Dr. Sarah Friebert of Akron's Children's Hospital discusses the factors that will bring palliative care forward in the future.

The Importance of the National Palliative Care Registry

Maria Gatto, Director of Trinity Health, discusses the importance of the National Palliative Care Registry. The National Palliative Care Registry™ collects operational data on palliative care programs to promote standardization ...

Palliative Care Specialist: The Importance of Data

Lori Yosick, Executive Director at Mount Carmel Palliative Care discusses the importance of recording comprehensive data.

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