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Patient Perspective

Palliative Care Helps You Live Well

If you’re facing a serious illness, palliative care can help you define and achieve your individual goals.

Palliative Care Helped Me with Depression

Joyce, a palliative care patient and cancer survivor discusses how palliative care helped her out of her darkest moments as she faced her serious illness.

The Journey of Palliative Care

Explore palliative care, and follow the experience of Joyce Jann and her family, as they work with the palliative care team at Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, Florida.

Frustrations Before Finding Palliative Care

Laura is the daughter of a patient who is receiving palliative care. Here she discusses how palliative care changed her family's outlook for the better after a difficult experience.

David's Palliative Care Story

David, a devoted family man, is a colorectal cancer survivor who suffered from complications as a result of his treatment. After repeated visits to the emergency room to deal with ...

Debbie's Palliative Care Story

This is Debbie's palliative care story. Debbie is a hair dresser, a business owner and a proud grandmother diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma. Debbie was in a great amount of pain ...

Palliative Care: We are the Quarterbacks of our Care

Amy Berman, Senior Program Officer at the Hartford Foundation, was diagnosed with Stage IV inflammatory breast cancer, but since choosing to receive palliative care she has enjoyed over three and ...

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