CAPC Videos & Podcasts

Palliative Care Leadership

Palliative Care and Population Health

Kristofer Smith, MD, MPP on population health and palliative care.

Explaining Population Health

Kristofer Smith, MD, MPP defines population health and how it can benefit patients.

Integrating Palliative Care Across Settings

Hank Willner, MD, says making the case to key stakeholders of an institution is a vital step for any palliative care program looking to care for patients across settings.

Palliative Care Program Readiness and Program Design

Rodney Tucker, MD, offers advice on designing a successful palliative care program.

Top Tips for Marketing Your Palliative Care Program

Rodney Tucker, MD, offers advice on marketing a palliative care program.

Palliative Care Billing: Bill for the Work You Do

Phil Santa-Emma, MD, FAAHPM, Medical Director of the Palliative Care Program at Mount Carmel in Columbus, Ohio offers advice on how to effectively bill for palliative care services.

Combining Data with Anecdotal Evidence

Cory Ingram discusses the importance of marrying palliative care data with anecdotal evidence.

Creating a Palliative Care Business Plan

Lynn Spragens, CEO of Spragens & Associates, offers tips on how to create a successful business plan.

Tips for Managing Growth: Clear and Open Communication

Dr. Andy E. Esch offers tips for fellow palliative care specialists on avoiding staff burnout.

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