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Palliative Care Leadership

Top Tips for Marketing Your Palliative Care Program

Rodney Tucker, MD, offers advice on marketing a palliative care program.

Combining Data with Anecdotal Evidence

Cory Ingram discusses the importance of marrying palliative care data with anecdotal evidence.

Tips for Managing Growth: Clear and Open Communication

Dr. Andy E. Esch offers tips for fellow palliative care specialists on avoiding staff burnout.

Getting Institutional Buy in: Understand the Needs

Ashland Evans, MHA, Hospice and Palliative Medicine Manager at Mary Washington Healthcare discusses the importance of comparing palliative care interventions to non-palliative care interventions as a way to show improvement ...

Improving Palliative Care Across the System

Maria Gatto of Trinity Health explains why palliative care fits perfectly into the current model of how health care is paid for and delivered.

Tips for Getting Institutional Buy-in: Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Amber Burger MD on how to get program buy-in from medical institutions.

Palliative Care: Making the Case

Stacie Pinderhughes is Chair of the Palliative Care Division at Banner Health. In this video offers advice on how to advocate for your palliative care team when meeting with institutional ...

Tips for Managing Growth: Find Your Allies

M. Elizabeth Paulk, MD, FACP, Program Director of Hospice and Palliative Medicine at UT Southwestern Medical Center discusses why finding like-minded allies within an institution can lead to programmatic success.

Tips for Managing Growth: Combine Passion with Experience

Robert Zalenski, MD, MA, Medical Director of Palliative Care Development at Vanguard Health Systems (part of Tenet Healthcare) discusses how training passionate palliative care specialists is all about giving them ...

Tips for Managing Growth: "Don't Work in a Silo"

Sherika Newman, DO is the Medical Director of Palliative Care at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. In this video, she discusses how she learned that palliative care is best ...

Tips for Managing Growth: Avoid Burnout

Dr. Sarah Friebert offers advice on avoiding staff burnout.

Tips for Managing Growth: Put the Patient First

Dr. Timothy Ihrig, Medical Director of Palliative Care at the Trinity Regional Medical Center within the Unity Point Heath System, offers advice on how to overcome programmatic challenges.

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