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Community-Based Palliative Care

Home-Based Palliative Care: Working with Local Agencies

Studies show that people facing serious illness prefer to be in their own environment. Palliative care in the community setting--defined as care outside of the hospital) therefore focuses on providing ...

Home-Based Palliative Care: Seeking Out Health Plan Partners

Dana Lustbader, MD, gives tips on starting a home-based palliative care program. One top top: seek out health plan partners. Learn more at

Home-Based Palliative Care: The Local Community

Rikki Hooper, MBA, MSN, FNP, ACHPN, talks about the importance of understanding the needs of your local community when starting a home-based palliative care program.

Home-Based Palliative Care: Benefits for ACOs and Health Plans

Dana Lustbader, MD explains how palliative care and a value-based care payment model work well together. She explains that delivering home-based palliative care to seriously ill people saves an ACO ...

Palliative Care in the Home Setting

Explaining the vital role palliative care can play in a patient's home.

Integrating Palliative Care Across Settings

Hank Willner, MD, says making the case to key stakeholders of an institution is a vital step for any palliative care program looking to care for patients across settings.

Improving Palliative Care in the Outpatient Setting (IPAL-OP)

IPAL-OP, an initiative to improve palliative care in the outpatient setting, is designed to be a central repository for learning how to start an outpatient palliative care program. In this ...

Challenges of Palliative Care in the Community Setting

What are the challenges of palliative care in the community setting?

Building Partnerships in the Community

Director of Palliative Medicine Dr. Timothy Ihrig on how to build and sustain partnerships in the community.

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