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Communication Skills

Palliative Care Nurse Leadership: Communicating with the Patient

Lolita Melhado, PhD, explains how she explains palliative care to patients and how good communication can make for better care. CAPC's Communication Skills curriculum offers 5 online courses to help ...

Palliative Care Nurse Leadership: Listening

Lolita Melhado, PhD, ARNP FNP-BC says communication is key between patients and nurses.

CAPC Communication Curriculum: Tuning Up Your Skills

Anthony Back, MD, says the CAPC Communication Curriculum is vital to palliative care specialists as well as any clinician who wants to gain better communication skills.

Palliative Care: Communication Comes First

Bridget Tracy, MD, Associate Professor of Palliative Care Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital, speaks about the important dialogue between palliative care specialist and patient.

The Importance of Palliative Care Training for All Clinicians

Janice Connolly, MD on the growth of palliative care and the need for training in pain and communication skills for all clinicians.

Attributes of a Good Palliative Care Specialist

Laura E. Macias, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager at Adventist Palliative Care Program identifies the attributes of a good palliative care specialist.

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