Palliative Care Leadership Centers: Community-Based Palliative Care Part 2

Nancy Guinn, MD, discusses how Palliative Care Leadership Centers (PCLC) assist community-based palliative care programs. CAPC launched the PCLC initiative in 2003 to catalyze palliative care program development and growth. A demonstrably effective method for the diffusion of palliative care innovation, PCLC training reduces the opportunity costs for palliative care program startup and delivery. It also propagates standardized best practices for all areas of program development and growth, including business and financial planning, clinical and staffing models, measurement and marketing. More than 1,100 hospital and hospice teams have already attended a PCLC since 2003, and over 80% of PCLC graduates successfully established a palliative care program by their two-year mark. Learn more at

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