National Landscape of Hospital-Based Palliative Care 2016

National Landscape of Hospital-Based Palliative Care: Findings from the National Palliative Care Registry™ This webinar presented on July 13, 2017 covers keys insights on adult hospital-based palliative care in 2016 and trends from 2008-2016. The National Palliative Care Registry™ is free and open to all palliative care programs across the continuum of care and can be accessed at Featured Presenters: Tamara Dumanovsky, PhD VP, Research and Analytics, CAPC Maggie Rogers, MPH Senior Research Associate, CAPC About the webinar: Using data from the 2016 National Palliative Care Registry™, Tamara Dumanovsky and Maggie Rogers will present key findings on the current landscape of hospital-based palliative care in the United States. They will also present a selection of trends in hospital-based palliative care over the last 8 years. Topics will include: • Growth in palliative care service penetration (ability to reach patients in need) • Trends in staffing and findings on the most prevalent staffing models today • Changes in referral sources, in terms of referring specialists and patient locations • Insight on patient demographics and primary diagnosis categories • Findings on length of stay and timing of patient visits The National Palliative Care Registry™ is building a profile of palliative care teams, operations, and service delivery. The Registry is free and open to all palliative care programs across the continuum of care. You will learn: 1. How hospital palliative care programs have developed and expanded over time 2. Key factors influencing the operations of palliative care in hospitals including size and location 3. How to leverage national data to promote quality palliative care Who should attend: • Palliative care providers, program directors, and administrators • Health system leaders • Quality improvement specialists and IT specialists • Health care medical directors and nursing directors Webinar Details: • To learn more about the National Palliative Care Registry™, visit • Continuing education credits are not offered for webinars • Any questions? Contact Robin Fail at

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