CAPC Webinar: The National Palliative Care Registry--Latest Trends and Insights

The National Palliative Care Registry™ is a central resource for national data on the operational features of hospital palliative care programs. The Registry provides palliative care programs with comparative data on their operations, staffing, reach and key outcomes. The Registry is free and open to all palliative care programs across the continuum of service settings including hospitals, clinic and office-based practices, home health services and long-term care facilities. In this webinar, Maggie Rogers and Tamara Dumanovsky will present key findings from 2015 Registry data and an overview of trends in hospital palliative care between 2008 and 2015. Some of the topics covered include: • Trends in hospital integration and palliative care service penetration • Changes in staffing profiles for palliative care teams • Time to palliative care consult and overall hospital length of stay • Sources of palliative care referrals, diagnosis, and discharge status • New quality outcomes for 2015 including 30-day readmission rates, pain and dyspnea improvement and use of patient satisfaction surveys

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