CAPC Videos & Podcasts

Top Tips for Marketing Your Palliative Care Program

Rodney Tucker, MD, offers advice on marketing a palliative care program.

CAPC Membership: Taking Education to Another Level

Nargis Nardi, RN, breaks down the ways CAPC members can use the resources available on the CAPC website to better educate themselves, their staff and other clinicians in their institutions.

7 Ways to Use the CAPC Curriculum

Lynn Hallarman of Stony Brook Medical Center describes the many ways she uses the CAPC curriculum at her institution.

The Palliative Care Curriculum: Getting Started

Top tips for getting started with the CAPC Curriculum.

Palliative Care Billing: Bill for the Work You Do

Phil Santa-Emma, MD, FAAHPM, Medical Director of the Palliative Care Program at Mount Carmel in Columbus, Ohio offers advice on how to effectively bill for palliative care services.

CAPC Communication Curriculum: Tuning Up Your Skills

Anthony Back, MD, says the CAPC Communication Curriculum is vital to palliative care specialists as well as any clinician who wants to gain better communication skills.

Palliative Care Leadership Centers for Community Settings

In this video, Martha Twaddle, MD, FACP, of the Palliative Care Leadership Center (PCLC) at JourneyCare describes how her PCLC at JourneyCare helps palliative care programs in the community setting.

The Importance of Palliative Care Leadership Centers

Michael Rabow, MD, of the Palliative Care Leadership Center (PCLC) at UCSF defines the importance PCLCs play in helping programs grow successfully.

Improving Palliative Care in the Outpatient Setting (IPAL-OP)

IPAL-OP, an initiative to improve palliative care in the outpatient setting, is designed to be a central repository for learning how to start an outpatient palliative care program. In this ...

Increasing Referrals: Focus on Patient Needs

Some palliative care specialists are trying new ways to increase referrals.

Palliative Care and Congestive Heart Failure

How can palliative care help patients facing congestive heart failure?

Challenges of Palliative Care in the Community Setting

What are the challenges of palliative care in the community setting?

Combining Data with Anecdotal Evidence

Cory Ingram discusses the importance of marrying palliative care data with anecdotal evidence.

Palliative Care and Geriatric Care

Cory Ingram describes the differences and similarities of geriatrics and palliative medicine.

Creating a Palliative Care Business Plan

Lynn Spragens, CEO of Spragens & Associates, offers tips on how to create a successful business plan.

My Palliative Care Moment: Monica Acoff, LBSW

Social Worker Monica Acoff discusses her path to becoming palliative care specialist.

Defining the Role of the Palliative Care Chaplain

An explanation of how the palliative care chaplain helps patients and families deal with serious illness.

Getting the Most Out of the National Palliative Care Registry

This CAPC Webinar walks viewers through the National Palliative Care Registry™. The Registry is the only repository of information about the operational features (structures and processes of care) of our ...

Diagnosing and Treating Depression in Serious Illness

Dr. Andy E. Esch, Palliative Care Doctor and Consultant at the Center to Advance Palliative Care details how to screen seriously ill patients for depression as well as how to ...

Tips for Managing Growth: Clear and Open Communication

Dr. Andy E. Esch offers tips for fellow palliative care specialists on avoiding staff burnout.

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