Payer-Provider Partnerships

Palliative care is a relatively new medical specialty focused on relieving symtoms and stress, and improving overall quality of life, for people facing serious illness. 

Reduces Need for Crisis Interventions and Hospitalizations

Multiple studies have shown that palliative care services result in less symptom distress, the potential for longer patient survival and better patient and family quality of life. These quality improvements result in the reduced need for crisis interventions and hospitalizations, thus enabling patients to spend more time enjoying what matters most to them -- all while also markedly reducing total health care spending.

In order to improve access to this high-value care, payers, providers and communities are working together to find new ways to deliver and finance palliative care.  CAPC has developed a  Palliative Care Toolkit and Resource Guide designed for organizations that lead the financing of healthcare – including commercial insurers, self-funded employers, and federal and state government agencies – and for providers working in shared risk arrangements.

Resources Fall into Four Main Categories

  1. What palliative care is and why it’s important: Information about the types of palliative care and the essential clinical and structural characteristics that make it effective
  2. Payer strategies and case studies: Opportunities payers have available to them for integrating palliative care into their programs and products, and what other payers are doing
  3. Getting started: First steps to developing a palliative care strategy
  4. Tools and resources: A set of tools and resources for payers, employers and providers, including palliative care quality standards and best practices, and useful checklists

 Download the full toolkit here.

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